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12 Michigan State Faculty Members Selected for STEM Fellowship


Twelve Michigan State University faculty members from the College of Natural Science have been selected for the fall 2018 cohort of MSU’s STEM Teaching and Learning Fellowship.

The professors selected for the program, “Extending a Coherent Gateway to STEM Teaching and Learning,” which is a collaboration between Lyman Briggs College and various partner institutions, will engage and train faculty members in improving undergraduate STEM courses.

“The program’s first two cohorts were focused on faculty who teach the gateway courses. With this cohort, we’ve expanded the program to faculty who teach 200- and 300-level courses,” Cori Fata-Hartley, co-principal investigator on the project, said.

“This will help us to continue to align the curricula vertically across different programs and across different disciplines.”

According to the fellow, Devin Silvia, a teaching specialist in the Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering, a part of the success of students depends on the design of the course.

“I believe that every student in my courses is capable of succeeding and I try to design my courses to benefit all of my students, not just those who are likely to succeed regardless of the quality of the instructor,” Silvia said.

The program will also help the selected faculty members to examine their teaching methods and bring out the ways to engage with students to a greater degree.

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