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New Mexico College to Provide 5G Wireless Access to Students

Central New Mexico Community College will soon become the first campus in the nation to provide its student body with 5G wireless internet access, the school announced in a release.

To offer this amenity to students, the college partnered with OptiPulse, a startup company founded by alumnus John Joseph, to use laser technology to provide a 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) wireless network. The wireless network created using this technology is up to 100 times faster than a regular network.

The company uses laser-array devices which speed up the 5G cellular network deployment, cut costs and are greener than other 5G efforts. Currently in a testing phase, the devices are expected to be ready to transmit high-speed wireless data to students on campus beginning in mid-June.

College officials say that the use of the new technology will bring affordable, high-speed internet to an underserved population and open doors to expand learning opportunities related to augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D-rendering and holographic displays to students.

“Springing from CNM’s commitment to use our technology on campus, we’re attracting resources to accelerate our fast-to-market plan,” Mathis Shinnick, OptiPulse CEO, said.

CNM Ingenuity, the college’s 501(c)3 enterprise arm, made a small investment in OptiPulse in the past. In the future, if OptiPulse products hit the market, Central New Mexico Community College plans on creating a training program where CNM would train the technicians who would install OptiPulse devices.

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