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North Park University’s Scholarship Program to Increase Diversity in STEM


To support diversity in the STEM field, Chicago-based North Park University is starting a program that will offer scholarships to 20 students.

The university received a $650,000 grant, National Science Foundation (NSF) to meet the nation’s need for well-educated scientists, engineers, and technicians.

The North Park STEM Scholars Cohort advisory committee will select two diverse cohorts of 10 students, each of whom will receive $20,000 scholarship over a period of four years.

“This historic award will be absolutely transformational in the lives of our STEM students,” said North Park President Mary K. Surridge. “The grant represents a tremendous amount of excellent work by our distinguished faculty.

Guided by experienced faculty, the scholars will get access to undergraduate research, internships, class projects, and one-on-one academic and career advising.

With a focus on biology, physics, and engineering, the scholars will also get necessary education and skills through university partnership with industry, government, and others sectors to prepare them for direct entry into the workforce and graduate schools.

“The Scholars engage in authentic, immersive, and experiential learning with industry, government, and our partners such as ComEd, Argonne National Lab, and MC Machinery Systems,” said North Park’s STEM Scholars Cohort Advisor DrEric Brown.

Students from low-income families with demonstrated financial need, a strong interest in pursuing a STEM career and a high school GPA above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale are eligible to apply for the program.

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