Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Northwestern University Starts Free Sports Marketing Course


The Northwestern University has announced a free sports marketing course to be taught through Coursera, an online learning platform.

The six weeks course – to be taught by Medill professor Candy Lee and other guest lecturers – will cover various topics related to the sports industry, including the marketing strategies related to sports, public relations, dynamic ticket pricing, ways to engage fans, sponsorships and licensing.

 “Sports marketing is a rapidly growing industry in which billions of dollars are spent annually,” Lee said. “Medill is a leader in higher education in this industry and we are excited to help a wide range of people interested in sports media learn about this exciting field.”

 The course is open for people interested in starting a sports marketing career or equip themselves with new skills.

In October, the Ohio State University announced a comprehensive esports program offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. The university is in the middle of developing an interdisciplinary curriculum, which is first of its kind, including online certification programs for specialized credentials, an elective course in esports content production, and a gaming speaker series spanning five colleges with a focus on esports and games studies.

The University of New Hampshire School of Law has also announced a professional certificate course in sports wagering and integrity to focus on the regulatory environment governing betting across the nation.

Full Sail University to Build Largest Esports Facility in Nation





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