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College Students Think Doctors Contribute the Most to Society [Survey]

Majority of U.S. college students believe that medical doctors contribute greatly to society, according to a new survey conducted by the College Pulse.

The online survey research and data analytics company surveyed 20,116 college students from more than 800 campuses in all 50 states, who are part of its American College Student Panel.

Among the individuals surveyed, 69 percent said having an occupation that contributes to society is “extremely” or “very” important to them.

When it comes to ranking the profession that contributes to society the most, 84 percent of respondents said it was doctors, followed by engineers, according to 83 percent of the polled. At the same time 82 percent of people named teachers, while 76 percent – scientists.

The occupations that college students think contribute less include the military, truck drivers, entrepreneurs, journalists, artists, financial services, and religious leaders along with politicians and consultants.

“Our results demonstrate a clear trend: college students aspire to make a difference in society. Employers and brands need to know that money alone is not what will motivate America’s future workforce,” said Terren Klein, CEO of College Pulse. “We are entering the age of the socially-conscious professional.”

According to the survey, respondents split when it comes to evaluating law enforcement’s contribution to the society. About 60 percent of white respondents found the job important, while only 45 percent of black students said the same.

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