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Two Universities Compete to Raise More Money to Tackle Food Insecurity


Two prominent universities are organizing a unique competition to raise funds for campus food pantries to tackle student hunger on campuses.

Last week, Ohio State University and Penn State University announced a competition – Tackle Hunger Ohio State vs. Penn State Giving Challenge – that will run through midnight November 23.

The school collecting more money for their respective food pantries will be announced the winner of the competition. Most of the money will fund the Buckeye Food Alliance and the Office of Student Life to support food pantries.

It will also help stock pantries with food and other basic need items like toiletries and paper products.

“Buckeye fans are known for their passion for their football team, but they are also known for their generosity. The Ohio State versus Penn State Giving Challenge is a great opportunity to celebrate both of those traits,” Ohio State Alumni Association President Jim Smith said.

“Food insecurity is a real issue at Ohio State and campuses across the country and the Tackle Hunger Giving Challenge allows us to raise awareness around this critical issue.”

Reports say lack of access to a reliable supply of nutritious food can make a student fail assignments and exams, withdraw from classes or the university, score lower grade points and even stay away from such important career opportunities as internships.

“When students are hungry it can be hard for them to focus on the classroom and hard for them to be the best student they can be,” Nick Fowler, Buckeye Food Alliance coordinator, said.

Other reports have found that various situations that students face during college time like employment disruptions, family crises, loss of financial aid among others can lead to lower food security.

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