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Penn Foster Acquires Online Ashworth College


To retain talent for middle-skill jobs, Penn Foster, an online learning provider, will take over Ashworth College.

Foster announced on Wednesday that it will acquire the college, which offers high school diplomas and various degree and certificate programs in middle-skilled career fields like nursing and community health to business and graphic design.

“We’re creating a continuum for skills development and training built for a future where stackable, lifelong learning is an economic imperative,” Frank Britt, CEO of Penn Foster, said.

“Through deep integration with employers, we’re bridging the gap between education and economic opportunity across dynamic, rapidly shifting local labor markets.”

Middle-skills jobs currently constitute the largest part of the labor market in the U.S. However, many employers today are unable to find the appropriate skilled workforce to do them, the National Skills Coalition found.

With the acquisition of the online college, Penn Foster aims to train students for such jobs and create opportunities for both students and other institutional stakeholders.

“Penn Foster shares our commitment to designing programs that matter to our most important stakeholder – students,” said Robert Klapper, CEO of Ashworth College.

“Their model and mission will enable us to deepen our collaboration with employer partners in ways that allow Ashworth College students to expand their opportunities and career pathways,” Klapper added.

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