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Pennsylvania Increases Maximum College Grants to $5,000


Going to college in Pennsylvania just got a little bit easier. The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) announced Thursday that it has increased its maximum grant for college students to $5,000, Penn Live reported.

The grant program, which provides aid to economically disadvantaged students, will disburse $321 more next year rather than the $154 increase proposed in April.

Income-eligible students may now receive a maximum of $5,000, topping the $4,700 set by the agency in 2007-08.

Chair of the PHEAA Board of Directors, Rep. Mike Peifer, said it had been the agency’s goal to set a new high watermark for student aid. That the increase was made possible without a simultaneous increase in funding for the grant program is exceptional. He said that one major reason it became possible was the steep decline in nationwide enrollment leading to a surplus of funds.

What’s in it for Colleges

The $5,000 college grant relies on Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed $300 million investment to boost state education aid for public schools.

Eligible students attending one of the 14 universities under the State System of Higher Education, such as Lock Haven or Mansfield, are eligible for a maximum of $4,254. The top grant for students attending schools such as Penn State, Temple, or the University of Pittsburgh is $4,574.

Those enrolled in community colleges or universities that charge up to $12,000 a year in tuition can receive up to $2,660.

In addition to state grant awards, low-income students can also take advantage of up to $6,400 in Pell Grants for the 2021-22 academic year, Peifer said. 

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