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Pepperdine University $50 Million Gift to Make Law Degrees Accessible

California-based Pepperdine University has received a multi-million gift to make receiving law degrees easier for historically underserved student populations.

Rick J. Caruso, a business innovator, donated $50 million to the Pepperdine School of Law to fuel various initiatives. To honor the contribution, the school will rename the law school as Rick J. Caruso School of Law and strengthen its academic programming.

The school anticipates that the new gift would help in attracting bright minds and place the school at better footing impart quality legal education and training.

“The lack of affordable education in our nation and the student debt crisis is not only inhibiting underprivileged students from gaining equal opportunity to education, but also discouraging potential students from exploring careers in public service, roles that have a critical impact on society,” said Caruso.

“My sincere hope is that this gift will be one of the first steps towards reducing the barrier to entry for these students and will inspire the next generation of public servants.”

Over, the next decade, Caruso will further partner with the school in raising an additional $50 million in the endowment to further strengthen the school’s position nationally.

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