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Mississippi Comm. College Secures $200k Apprenticeship Grant


Pearl River Community College (PRCC) in Poplarville, Mississippi has been awarded a $200,000 grant to train workers. 

The college was informed last month that it would receive the Mississippi Apprenticeship Program (MAP) grant supported by the US Labor Department. Funds will go primarily to aid development of the school’s apprenticeship program, promote apprenticeship benefits to local companies, and provide targeted consultation to these businesses. 

“This grant is critical for our ability to continue helping businesses to implement work-based learning initiatives,” said PRCC Dean of Workforce and Community Development Rebecca Brown.

“We have been successful in supporting companies such as Chain Electric to develop thriving apprenticeship programs. We want to build on that to reach more organizations looking to grow their own subject matter experts,” she added. “It’s a great opportunity for people who want to combine on-the-job training with applicable classroom education, all while getting paid.”

Saving Local Businesses

The partnership between PRCC and MAP started in 2016 to maximize the benefits of apprenticeships to the state’s economy. Both have reached out to local businesses and workers to get a feel for what needs to be improved.

“I cannot think of a better investment for workforce development in Mississippi. This program will not only assist in alleviating the financial challenges many students face, but provide the training necessary to build the state’s workforce,” PRCC President Adam Breerwood said.

“Apprenticeship opportunities provide the ideal route to gain the valuable experience that every employer is seeking in its employees. We are grateful to the Mississippi Department of Employment Security for their vision and our partnership in providing this pathway for our students,” he added.

The community college regularly works with area industries to determine and develop specialized training needed by local workers.

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