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Princeton Students to Make ‘Condom Art’ for Valentine’s Day


Princeton University is hosting a condom art contest on Valentine’s Day, which is also National Condom Day.

Sponsored by the university’s Health Promotion and Prevention Services, the “latex art context” or “LatEXHIBITION” will see students, faculty, and staff making art out of expired condoms. 

“We will supply you with the expired condoms in increments of 50, and we’ll have a Latexhibition with judging and prizes the evening of February 14,” the event’s website reads

Participants will work in teams of two to four to “create something beautiful and educational” with the condoms.

Those interested can register for the event by January 31.

Student Reaction

Princeton student Abigail Anthony expressed her disapproval, calling out the school for hosting the “crude and undignified” contest.

I wish that the university was celebrating Valentine’s Day with a more meaningful and refined event,” Anthony told Fox News.

In another interview with Campus Reform, Anthony also pointed out that the Ivy League school has hosted similar events before, including its annual Safer Sexpo, which made headlines in 2020 for its sex toy giveaway.

Social media is divided on the school contest. 

While some are criticizing the event and calling it “sick,” debating whether events like these are befitting the 275-year-old university, others have applauded the initiative, even calling it a “proud moment” for the Ivy League school.

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