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Perelman Foundation Gifts Residential College to Princeton

Princeton University will soon have a new residential college whose construction will be funded by the non-profit Perelman Family Foundation.

The foundation set up by industrialist Ronald O. Perelman made the announcement on Wednesday, with the aim to increase the undergraduate population by 10 percent in coming years.

With the construction of Perelman College, the number of residential colleges at the university will rise to seven, allowing the university to increase the intake of new students.

“The establishment of Perelman College will enable Princeton to admit more talented students from every sector of society, increasing our capacity to fulfill our mission and make a positive difference in the world,” university president Christopher L. Eisgruber said. “I am deeply grateful to the Perelmans for their extraordinary vision and generosity.”

According to Perelman, the new college will increase diversity on campus and provide more students with an opportunity to earn degrees at the world’s renowned university.

“We are very excited that the establishment of Perelman College will support the University’s renewed mission to create a more diverse and inclusive campus,” Perelman said in a statement.

“People of all backgrounds and communities deserve access to the extraordinary education and training offered by Princeton and all the wonderful opportunities afforded its graduates,” he added.

The foundation has hired the services of Deborah Berke Partners, an architecture firm for the new college, which will be constructed south of Poe Field and east of Elm Drive.

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