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11 University of Puerto Rico Institutions Served With Show Cause

11 institutions associated with the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) are in trouble after failing to submit required audited financial statements.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has placed all 11 institutions on show cause and has asked UPR to explain why its accreditation status should not be withdrawn.

The commission has accused the institution of violating its regulations by not submitting the audited financial statement and single audit for June 30, 2017, which was due by Jan. 2. The institutions have now been directed to submit a report by Jan. 25, 2019 explaining their misconduct.

“It is the hope of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education that the institutions of the University of Puerto Rico system will provide the Commission with the required materials on time so that the Commission is able to carry out its accrediting responsibilities,” said Commission Chair Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin.

“While the Commission is sensitive to the challenging circumstances in Puerto Rico, the institutions of the UPR System failed to meet the Commission’s deadline for the required material.”

The fate of all 11 UPR institutions will be determined in March when the commission meets to consider their accreditation statuses.


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