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Quinnipiac to Issue Fines, Block Wi-Fi for Unvaccinated Students


Quinnipiac University in Connecticut will impose weekly fines and cut internet access for students who fail to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Earlier this week, university officials communicated the mandate via email to around 600 students who had not submitted proof of vaccination before the school’s August 1 deadline.

The school will start issuing fees at $100 per week for non-compliance with the requirement. The amount will increase by $25 every two weeks, reaching $2,275 for the entire semester, student newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle, reported.

Additionally, students will lose access to campus Wi-Fi if they fail to get the jab by mid-September. 

The university will stop billing if students submit proof of vaccination by September or receive at least one shot by August 25. However, they still need to participate in weekly testing and comply with the school’s newly reinstated indoor mask mandate.

Reaction to the Mandate

Quinnipiac psychology major Danyella Kaplan said consequences for non-compliance are necessary but questioned the school’s measures.

“Financial consequences do not seem to be the right answer that will actually have long-term benefits,” Kaplan said. “If students choose to be unvaccinated, having them take a class on the importance of practicing safety measures would be a more beneficial measure to take.”

However, junior nursing major Jack Quinn gave a thumbs up to the new policy, believing it will incentivize more students to get vaccinated.

“I would have preferred it if Quinnipiac simply banned unvaccinated (without an exemption) students from returning,” Quinn said.

Senior Sydnie Bookman agreed with Quinn’s views, adding that while people have the right to decide whether or not they want to be vaccinated, Quinnipiac has the right to put these penalties in place to “ensure the health and wellness of the community members.” 

Quinn and Bookman are two out of the hundreds of students who agree with schools’ right to require vaccines. Earlier this year, a College Pulse survey found seven in ten students believe colleges and universities have the right to mandate students be vaccinated before returning to school. 

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