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Quinnipiac University Announces Closure of Radio Station

Quinnipiac University is planning to shut down its community radio station, citing a decline in student enrollment in its radio courses.

The vice president for public affairs Lynn Bushnell announced the decision to close down the AM-1220 WQUN station in an email to her colleagues last Friday.

“Unfortunately, in recent years the entire radio industry, AM in particular, has seen tectonic changes,” Bushnell wrote.

“The number of students who even consider a career in radio, or who want to intern at WQUN-AM has declined sharply, prompting the university to re-examine the prudence of continuing to operate a community radio station.”

As the official home of the Bobcats Radio Network, every year WQUN provided live coverage of over 100 university games including hockey and men’s and women’s basketball. It also served more than 400 non-profit organizations.

The radio station started in 1997 will stop operating on June 30, 2019.

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