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Seton Hall University Professor Wins  Bright Research Ideas Award

Seton Hall University professor has won the 2018 Bright Ideas Award for his research publication on a baseball league.

Professor Kurt Rotthoffwho teaches economics at the Stillman School of Business, won the award for his publication “Structural Breaks in the Game: The Case of Major League Baseball” that appeared in the Journal of Sports Economics.

In his research, Rotthoff analyzed 150 years of data of Major League Baseball by using time series test to identify significant eras and come to the conclusion.

Every year, the award, sponsored by the university’s business school, recognizes the contribution of the faculty members teaching in the state of New Jersey.

“Professor Rotthoff’s unique experiences and interests enable him to bring new perspectives to his research. This is the kind of creative thinking that we encourage in the Stillman School,” Dean Joyce Strawser said. “Stillman is proud to have gifted professors like Kurt Rotthoff, who is clearly ahead of the game when it comes to sports economics.”

Rotthoff is well known for his research in sports and educational economics, applied microeconomics, financial and industrial organization and has many honors to his credit.

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