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Stanford Named Best Blockchain University in US


Stanford is the best university in the nation when it comes to teaching and offering courses in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, according to CoinDesk, a news site specializing in bitcoin and digital currencies.

The university has ranked No.1 among the ten best Blockchain Universities and Colleges across the country. The list compiled by the news website aims to help the interested students intending to take blockchain courses.

“Topping our list, Stanford continues to build on its reputation as a well-rounded leader in the field. Past interdisciplinary courses like ‘Digital Currency and Cybercrime,’ have allowed students from Stanford’s renowned law, business, and computer science schools to collaboratively study the subject,” reads the report.

To rank the schools, the news website looked at the number of blockchain course offered by the universities including the on-campus blockchain organizations and school’s access to the blockchain industry.

University of California in Berkeley, the only public school in the list has ranked second for offering several high-level computer science courses on the subject with low tuition fees.

New York University, which was the first higher education institution to offer courses in blockchain with best extracurriculars has ranked third. The university also has on campus Blockchain Lab and Blockchain Digital Asset Forum.

Other colleges that made it in the CoinDesk top ten U.S. Best Blockchain Universities and Colleges list include, in order of rank, MIT, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pennsylvania.

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