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Stockton University Collaborates with Experts for Cannabis Program


A minor program in Cannabis Studies started by Stockton University in August is receiving support from various organizations to further develop its curriculum.

The university partnered with CannaBusiness Association on Wednesday to get the best experts and speakers in the industry to deliver lectures and provide internship opportunities to students.

“New Jersey is on the cusp of legalization, and as we get closer to that day, it is important that we prepare young people on how to be successful and involved in this rapidly evolving industry,” Scott Rudder, president of the CannaBusiness Association,

“We are excited to be collaborating with Stockton and we look forward to bringing industry subject matter experts to the classroom. And I hope other colleges and universities will learn from this example.”

The school has also collaborated with New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association to expand its program curriculum. Earlier this year, the university hogged headlines for starting a program fully devoted to studying cannabis for medical use.

“It’s an industry that is developing and certainly there are a lot of possibilities and new jobs,” saidKathy Sedia, coordinator of the program.

“Oftentimes, colleges get criticized for not offering students real-life skills and that certainly is going to be a life skill regardless of whether New Jersey stops at medical or goes to the recreational side of it,” Sedia added.

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