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Two Selfie-Taking Temple Students Fall Four Stories Off Rooftop at Party

Two 19-year-old female students of Temple University fell from the roof of a four-story building in North Philadelphia while they were taking selfies.

One student sustained leg and ankle injuries, while the other is in critical but stable condition with injuries to multiple parts of her body.

The students were attending a party on the rooftop of an off-campus apartment located on 1800 block, North Bouvier Street. Temple University and Philadelphia police departments were called to the scene on Saturday night at 2 am.

Building management explained that the rooftop deck had a parapet wall and railings. However, students who have been to the location insist that it is not safe.

Arnav Johri, a student from Temple University, told 6abc News that the roof’s railings are not tall enough to keep people safe.

“There’s not enough room blocking you from falling off, so if you’re drinking and you run right into it, it’s really easy to slip right off because it only comes to like a little halfway between your knee and hip,” he explained.

Neighbors who have lived in the area for decades complained that the threat of the coronavirus pandemic has not prevented students from partying. They hope this finally serves as a wake-up call.

Temple Police, with the assistance of the Philadelphia Police, is handling the investigation. 

Socializing Amid the Pandemic

While physical safety is a universal priority, college students appear to be hit the hardest by the mental effects of social distancing. 

According to the AEI COVID-19 and American Life Survey, no other age group has reached higher levels of loneliness than that of Gen Z during the pandemic. The survey found that 61 percent of Gen Zers reported feeling lonely a few times a week or more often.

Feelings of depression and anxiety reveal a similar pattern. A CDC report found that 46 percent of people between 18 and 24 reported experiencing mental health problems related to the pandemic.

Universities have been called to address these social needs directly so students have the opportunity to socialize without violating social distancing guidelines.