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Howard University President Earns Top Annual Salary in Greater DC


The position of the president at a higher education institution is often considered a difficult one with a multitude of responsibilities. Yet, it is highly paid.

To uncover the salaries of presidents at 17 private and public nonprofit institutions in the greater D.C. area, BizJournals Data Editor Carolyn M. Proctor and Digital Editor Drew Hansen examined salary databases and 990 forms.

The analysis of data has found that the Howard University president, Wayne Frederick, is the highest paid president with an annual salary of $1,070,322.

Georgetown University President John DeGioia, with an annual salary of $967,359, holds the second spot. University of Maryland-Baltimore President Dr. Jay Perman ranked third, with the annual salary of $860,000.

The Bowie State University president, Aminta Hawkins, ranked last, with an annual salary of $280,000.

Meanwhile, the American University, George Washington University, and Marymount University didn’t disclose the salary of their newly appointed presidents.

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