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Tufts University Reports Two ‘Incidents of Hate’ in Less Than a Week


Tufts University has reported two “incidents of hate” directed at students on campus within one week.

In the first incident, several passengers in a vehicle shouted anti-Asian slurs at four students walking home after taking their graduation pictures.

One of the students, who did not want to be identified, revealed that the vehicle was a black pickup truck with at least two men inside. Aside from yelling racial slurs, the passengers also threatened to hurt them and made comments related to the coronavirus.

In the second incident, one of the university’s student athletes found a large swastika painted on the shed of the soccer and lacrosse field.

Trend of Racial Discrimination

The President of Tufts University, Tony Monaco, revealed that despite efforts by the student body to empower minorities, bias complaints have increased significantly on campus in the last few years.

“Acts of anti-Asian hate and anti-Semitism such as these are unacceptable and violate what we stand for as a community. I acknowledge the significant harm that these incidents can have on the Asian and Jewish communities, respectively,” he said in a message to the Tufts community.

Monaco added that these incidents are “part of a larger trend in the United States,” and that the campus “has not been immune to this.”

Similar Incidents at Universities Across US

A similar incident occurred at Syracuse University. On May 2, a student reported being called a racial slur by someone who drove by in a vehicle. Authorities do not currently have a description of the vehicle or its occupants. Officers from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) have met with the individual to gather information and reviewed camera footage from the area.

“No member of our community should be subjected to this kind of experience. When these incidents happen, we need anyone with any information to come forward to give us the best chance of finding the person or people responsible,” DPS Chief Bobby Maldonado said.

At Baylor University, students marched in protest against racial discrimination after an Asian American student was abused by four unidentified men near campus. 

Other universities are calling attention to racial discrimination after a series of anti-Asian hate crimes as well as the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin.

Black students at the Weber State University held a public meeting to share personal experiences of racial discrimination on campus, while demanding change from the administrators.

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