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UC Berkeley Condemns Act of Racism by its Student

University of California, Berkeley has denounced a racist incident involving a student whose comments on women, black and LGBTQIA+ communities have angered fellow students.

The video of the incident, which went viral on social media, shows an unidentified young man using racist and hate-filled slurs against African-Americans, according to The Mercury News.

“Black people getting rights…they should be like women,” he said.

When asked by another man, why “black people are so bad” he said, “They’re (expletive) black, do I need a reason? I don’t think they should have rights at all.”

The university, while issuing a condemnation of the language used in the video, said it is taking appropriate action in response and didn’t mention the situation of individual students involved citing its policy and federal laws.

“We condemn all forms of hatred, bias, racism, bigotry and discrimination. Offensive words cause harm and hurt. The administration has an unwavering commitment to working with every member of the campus community to confront these challenges and foster a true sense of belonging for all,” the university statement reads.

The school administration is offering several resources, including counseling services for students who are directly or indirectly affected by the incident.

Lately, college campuses across the country are wrestling with a surge in racist incidents. In September, a picture of four white students at Colorado State University wearing blackface and captioned “Wakanda”, the setting for the movie “Black Panther,” surfaced on social media prompting the university to launch an initiative to tackle racial biases.

Last month, a series of racist incidents rattled Syracuse University campus, where inappropriate graffiti targeting African-American and Asian communities were found followed by derogatory graffiti in the physics building bathroom directed toward the Asian community.

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