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Surge in COVID-19 Cases Prompts Union College to Implement Campus Quarantine


After having students back on campus for over a week, Union College implemented a two-week campus quarantine on Sunday, January 17. The decision was made in light of rising COVID-19 cases within the community.

Students are prohibited from leaving the campus without permission and are now required to wear masks, even within their own dorm rooms. The college also plans to conduct biweekly COVID-19 testing to monitor on-campus infections.

Keeping it Contained

Union College President David Harris stated that these cases come from shared spaces on campus, stating in a video that “the most likely conclusion is that most of these 27 student positives reflect exposure after returning to campus.”

Harris believes that the best way to keep the virus contained is through a two-week campus lockdown. College officials agree, stating that while it is difficult, “with immediate, aggressive action and sacrifice by all, we can preserve an on-campus winter term.”

Campus Quarantines Elsewhere

As a means of preserving on-campus learning this semester, other colleges and universities have implemented their own campus quarantines as well.

Bradley University will begin a two-week campus lockdown on Wednesday, January 27. The university advises students to remain on-campus after their quarantine period to limit possible exposure to the virus.

Yale University is implementing a longer, month-long lockdown upon arrival of students for the spring term. A pre-arrival COVID-19 test will also be given to students returning to campus as part of safety precautions.

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