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University of Iowa Suspends Fraternity Over Hazing

Another fraternity has been shown the door at the University of Iowa after its members were found involved in violent physical hazing.

The university officials temporarily suspended Kappa Sigma fraternity earlier this month, taking the number of fraternities suspended or banned on campus to 12.

“If you care about someone, you don’t want to embarrass them,” University’s Interfraternity Council President Jason Pierce told The Gazette. “For those who are getting hazed, my advice is that it’s not a place you want to be. Why would a group of friends who supposedly care about you put you in that situation?”

Last month, the university suspended nine fraternities for violating the ban on alcohol at sorority and fraternity parties, which was placed following the death of a university student at a fraternity event in Missouri in 2017. All the fraternity presidents were asked to explain their position.

“The blatant and systemic failure to curb holding dangerous open events with alcohol, including tailgates, will stop. Anything short of compliance with FSL policies, the University of Iowa, and your respective inter/national rules and policies is unacceptable,” Vice President for Student Life Melissa Shivers wrote in an email announcing the suspension of fraternities.

Other universities are also cracking down on policy violations by fraternities. Earlier this month, the University of Michigan suspended Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity from its Interfraternity Council after an internal investigation found its members involved in “forced alcohol consumption and violent hazing.”

The University of Northern Colorado also handed over a seven-year ban to Sigma Chi fraternity over its alcohol policy violations.

University of Iowa Suspends Nine Fraternities for Alcohol Violation


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