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University of Louisville Official Apologizes for Criticizing Trump Policies


A University of Louisville official issued apology days after sending an email to campus community criticizing government policies and asking members to speak out against them.

Mordean Taylor-Archer, vice provost for diversity and international affairs, while taking back her earlier statement, said that she didn’t mean to take sides on political issues.

“Many students, faculty and staff have raised concerns about recent issues,” Taylor-Archer wrote in the email. “While attempting to show support for those members of campus, I inadvertently alienated others. That was not my intent. I regret if my comments suggested that the university was taking sides on political issues. The university does not advocate for any political party, candidate or positions.”

Earlier last week, Taylor-Archer asked the campus community members in an email to speak against government policies without naming President Donald Trump. She said that people “must speak against policies that seek to repress, exclude and deny the rights of others.”

“These would include the proposed policy that would define gender at birth, acts that separate immigrant children from their parents and the deployment of military to stop immigrants who traveled thousands of miles to seek freedom and opportunities from entering this country,” she wrote, while referring to Trump’s policies.

The email had also enraged a section of students who filed a complaint with the university against the official.

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