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University of Maryland Fires Head Coach DJ Durkin


The University of Maryland has fired head coach DJ Durkin a day after the Maryland Board of Regents recommended his return on campus.

The board’s decision to reinstate the coach was met with a stiff resistance from parents and student groups who have been calling for his suspension.

University president Wallace D. Loh announced on Wednesday his decision to “part ways” with Durkin who was accused by the football players of harassment and intimidation.

“The chair of the Board of Regents has publicly acknowledged that I had previously raised serious concerns about Coach Durkin’s return. This is not at all a reflection of my opinion of Coach Durkin as a person,” Wallace said in a letter.

“However, a departure is in the best interest of the University, and this afternoon Coach Durkin was informed that the university will part ways.”

In June, Jordan McNair, a 19-year-old football player, collapsed following attending a football workout session conducted by Durkin in late May, which lead to his death.

Durkin was placed on paid leave later in August, following an ESPN report on “toxic culture at Maryland football” brought out disturbing methods used by him to coach football players primarily relying on fear, intimidation, humiliation, verbal abuse and using food punitively.

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