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Researcher Sues University of Maryland Over Sexual Harassment


A former research coordinator at the University of Maryland has sued the school for ignoring her complaints about sexual harassment by a senior staff member.

Carly Goldstein, 31, has alleged vascular surgeon and professor Dr. Robert Crawford of making unwanted advances and said the university did not do enough to address her complaints.

In her lawsuit filed in August, Goldstein accused Crawford of sending lewd text messages and making inappropriate advances in 2014-2017. She further alleged him of retaliation after she rejected his advances during a meeting in a restaurant in November 2015.

“I just saw him as a frat guy that was obnoxious. I thought I could manage him,” Goldstein told The Baltimore Sun.

The lawsuit alleges university of improperly investigating her Title IX compliant without interviewing the witness.

“I had trouble processing that. How could anyone look at this and see what he did and say he did nothing wrong?” Goldstein asked.

The university, meanwhile, maintained its stand that it investigated the complaints properly and has declined to comment on the suit.

“As soon as this matter was brought to our attention we investigated immediately and promptly took reasonable steps to address the complaints,” university’s executive director of media relations Alex Likowski said in a statement.

“However, since this is a pending legal and personnel matter, I can’t address the specific allegations, the results of our investigation or any actions taken by the university at this time,” he added.

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