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Keiser University Launches App to Tackle Mental Health Issues

Florida-based Keiser University has announced a collaboration with META, a teletherapy tech company, to make the use of a mental health mobile app popular on its campus.

The META app which has a network of licensed mental health professionals connects students experiencing mental health problems with mental wellness providers.

Lately, campuses have seen an overall increase in mental health problems experienced by students with anxiety and depression being the top two mental health concerns across all sectors.

The new app makes access to counselors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists quite easier and allows students a greater degree of privacy.

“We have a diverse population, from working parents to military service members and veterans,” Belinda Keiser, Vice-Chancellor of Community Relations and Student Advancement for Keiser University, said on Friday.

“META is a strong support with access to providers specializing in all areas of mental health and flexible scheduling options, it seemed like a perfect fit for those in need.”

The mental health issues on campuses have concerned many including the university leadership and parents. A Marie Christie Foundation survey found that 77 percent of the parents consider mental health issues as “very” or “somewhat” serious on campuses, while 53 percent call it serious on their own student’s campus.

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