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Nebraska University Offers Scholarships to 600 Students


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln on Sunday offered tuition scholarships to more than 600 high school students from the Omaha area.

The announcement was made during the Nebraska Achievement Recognition Program. The students are nominated for the program either by the community leaders or the school counselors.

The University presented every student with a certificate and the guarantee of a minimum $1,000 scholarship to attend the university during the next academic year.

“The contributions these scholars are making to their community take grit, and in return, we want to demonstrate our commitment to these young leaders,” said Abby Freeman, director of admissions. “I look forward to seeing many of these students on campus next fall.”

The university has also promised first-generation college students a slot in the emerging leader’s program helping them to build an inclusive support network and grow in their respective careers.

“Some students come to Nebraska thinking they have to figure everything out on their own,” Amber Williams, assistant vice chancellor of enrollment management, said.

“But we want them to know that we pull together to share challenges and to do big things — whether that’s supporting them as they pursue your bachelor’s degree, giving them opportunities to do real hands-on research to help solve the world’s pressing problems, or helping them prepare for a great career after graduation,” Williams added.

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