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University of the Pacific Students Protest Tuition Fee Hike


The University of the Pacific students organized a rally on Thursday, showcasing their anger over a steep hike in tuition and dwindling financial aid.

Hundreds of students rallied on campus in front of the Alex and Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House to protest against the 3.2 percent rise in tuition for 2019-2020 academic year. Some students even demanded the removal of university president Pamela Eibeck.

The students have alleged that the university has increased the tuition by 7.7 percent in the last three years. From $44,068 in 2016, the tuition has been increased to 47,480 in 2018.

“Students are upset with Presidnt Eibeck treating students and staff to cut school budget 10 percent she is increasing tuition 3.7 percent this past year,” UOP Student Conner Lemon told KCRA.

The Board of Regents also took note of the student protest and blamed the tuition rise on decreasing enrollment and paying competitive salaries.

“We continue to face long-term trends confronting most institutions of higher education, such as declining enrollments, rising costs of tuition, and the need to make salaries more competitive to retain the best faculty and staff for our students,” Chairman Kevin Huber said.

“The Board’s charge to reduce spending throughout the university has been difficult for some and, unfortunately, has engendered anger toward President Eibeck. We are committed to listening to the perspectives of faculty and students and have full confidence that we will work together to ensure a strong and successful university for all.”

Meanwhile, despite the student protest, the board on Friday approved a 3 percent tuition hike in undergraduate courses.

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