Monday, June 14, 2021
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University of South Florida to Offer Environmental Engineering


The University of South Florida (USF) has announced a new undergraduate program in environmental engineering beginning in the fall semester of 2022.

The Florida Board of Governors approved the program, citing the need to protect natural resources, human health, and develop policies to curtail environmental damage.

According to USF, the new program will prepare students for high-demand and well-paying jobs. Environmental engineering graduates can also work in engineering design firms, as well as in nongovernmental organizations.

“There is an increasing awareness among students that attracts them to careers where they can have a positive impact on the environment,” USF College of Engineering Dean Robert H. Bishop explained. “The program is an exciting addition to the college’s already robust nationally ranked graduate program in environmental engineering.”

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Professor Jeffrey Cunningham believes that the program is still a growing field in its importance and job prospects. He stressed that it will not only benefit students but the state of Florida in general.

Employment of Environmental Engineers ‘Growing’

USF said environmental engineers are responsible for ensuring reliable water and wastewater systems and for management of nutrient pollution. They also work to improve urban air quality and protect public health.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment of environmental engineers is projected to grow over the next 10 years. Median annual wage for the profession in 2020 was $92,120.

“We are excited to give students the opportunity to build careers that apply science, technology, and data to address the many local to global environmental challenges and opportunities around them, such as coastal climate resilience, sustainable urban infrastructure, restoration of natural areas, air and water quality, and protection of public health,” CEE Professor Amy Stuart stated.

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