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University of Tennessee to Install 5G Network at Knoxville Campus


The University of Tennessee (UT) has sought out the assistance of AT&T to install a 5G network at its Knoxville campus.

The school said it will utilize the network for research and development at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee Research Park at Cherokee Farm.

According to UT Chancellor Donde Plowman, the new partnership will not only provide a better network for students, but will also create opportunities for innovation “that could change the lives of Tennesseans.”

Once installed, UT will focus on using the 5G network for rural applications, especially in telehealth and education. It will also look into the possibility of providing the same network to rural communities.

Citing agriculture as a field important for Tennessee, the school will also use the technology for real-time analysis in monitoring crop health, soil fertility, and hydration.

‘Critical to Tennessee’s Economic Future’

The university explained that the new network will be used to process large amounts of data. As a result, the technology will help UT employees evaluate student performance and engagement with course materials.

“Customized and smart systems will be at our fingertips, connecting all devices surrounding us and instantly processing and optimizing information,” Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at UT, Dr. Ozlem Kilic, stated in a press release.

Meanwhile, Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally said having access to ultra-fast 5G technology is essential in ensuring a better economic future. He also stressed that the partnership will serve as a preliminary step in unlocking new economic development opportunities in the state.

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