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URI Mulls Revoking Michael Flynn’s Honorary Degree


Former national security advisor Michael Flynn made headlines over the weekend after he seemingly implied support for a military coup in the United States similar to the one that recently occurred in Myanmar.

The retired army general and university alumnus has since denied these claims but the controversy sparked a debate concerning whether the University of Rhode Island should revoke its honorary degree awarded to him in 2014.

Linda Acciardo, a university spokesperson, told The Providence Journal Tuesday that this decision begins with URI President David M. Dooley.

“At the request of President David Dooley, the URI Honorary Degree Committee met on January 29 and February 5, 2021 to discuss the honorary degree of Gen. Flynn. The Committee sent a recommendation to President Dooley on February 12 for his consideration,” Acciardo said. 

Based on committee recommendations, Dooley can forward his own findings to the board of trustees who will then discuss it in a public meeting.

Revoked Honorary Degrees

There have been other instances where Donald Trump and his allies have also had their honorary degrees taken away. 

Lehigh University and Wagner College both rescinded honorary degrees awarded to the former president after the violent confrontation that took place at the US Capitol which killed five people, believing that his rhetoric played a major part in sparking the riot.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani also experienced a similar fate when Middlebury College determined that he had a role in the insurgence.

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