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USM to Pay Tuition and Housing for Lucky Vaccinated Students


The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) will hold a lottery to pay the tuition and housing costs of 60 lucky students who receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Students have the chance to win $4,600 in fall tuition, $2,000 in housing credits, and $1,000 in dining credits. Other benefits include bookstore vouchers and parking permits.

Over the next 12 weeks, five fully vaccinated USM students will have the chance to win these incentives through the weekly lottery, according to the school. 

“The best way for our students to stay healthy, stay connected, and stay in class this fall is by getting a COVID-19 vaccine. I urge all of our students to do their part and get vaccinated for COVID-19 now, if they haven’t already done so,” USM Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Dee Dee Anderson, wrote.     

Vaccinations are available for students and employees at USM’s on-campus clinic.

Similar Incentives

USM is one of many colleges and universities offering incentives to vaccinated students. 

While some like Dartmouth and Western Michigan are offering money and scholarships to vaccinated students, others like Rhodes College said it will charge $1,500 extra per semester for those who do not get vaccinated.

Rhodes will use the surcharge to pay laboratory and administrative expenses for mandatory weekly testing.

“A campus-wide commitment to vaccination will mean that we can move towards full capacity and reduced masking,” Rhodes Vice President for Student Life Meghan Harte Weyant said.

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