The College Consensus, a new college ranking website, has named the Washington & Lee University the top college in Virginia.

The university has been given the top spot with an aggregate rating of  80.9 in college consensus, 78.5 in publisher consensus and 83.3 in student consensus.

The ranking, released on Tuesday, takes into account the most recent results from different college ranking systems with the real student review scores from the internet and rates the colleges accordingly.

“Like Rotten Tomatoes does for movies, College Consensus gathers college rankings and reviews from around the web and distills them into a simple, easy to understand score so students can quickly and easily compare schools. It is the ranking of all rankings, so to speak,” College Consensus founder Jeremy Alde said.

While Managing Editor Carrie Sealey-Morris underscored that “The best colleges and universities in Virginia account for some of the most important institutions in American history, period.”

“The best colleges in Virginia are actively, intentionally driving innovation and development in American culture, politics, education, and technology,” she added.

Other colleges that made it in the College Consensus top ten list include, in order of rank,  the University of Richmond, University of Virginia, College of William & Mary, James Madison University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Hampden-Sydney College, Christopher Newport University, Eastern Mennonite University, and Virginia Military Institute.