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Virginia Governor Sets Up Commission to Improvise STEM Education

Virginia Governor Ralph S. Northam has issued an executive order to establish a commission to prepare students for STEM jobs of the future.

The Virginia STEM Education Commission will develop a State STEM Plan to modernize the education systems to better prepare STEM-focused workforce while putting a special focus on most vulnerable and underrepresented students.

The commission will work on ensuring equitable opportunities for students to become part of the STEM ecosystem and align Virginia’s educational, economic, and community goals by creating sustainable and supportive conditions. It will also foster collaboration between government and non-governmental entities to work on collective goals.

“Virginia is expected to add nearly 150,000 new STEM jobs in the next five years, with opportunities expected to grow for years to come. Employers know that they need employees with varying levels of STEM expertise,” the executive order read.

To be led by Pamela Northam, the first lady of Virginia, the commission will further recommend ways to optimize the public-private partnerships and align local, state, and federal resources to enhance current and prospective programs and services.

The Commission will submit the report and recommendations by July 1, 2020.

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