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University of Virginia Sees Increased Enrollment of Minority Applicants

The number of minority and first-generation college students enrolling at the University of Virginia for the class of 2023 has seen a significant increase, according to admission data released by the school.

Out of 24,950 students who applied for various programs at the university, which is a 15.9 percent rise from the last year, the minority applicants increased by 24 percent, while the first generation students saw a rise of 18.6 percent.

Among the minorities, African-American applicants saw a 32.5 percent rise and Hispanic applicants saw a 21.9 percent jump.

“The size, depth, diversity and quality of the early-action pool this year is extraordinary,” UVA Dean of Admission Greg Roberts said. “We’re overjoyed that so many students are interested in UVA and have submitted early applications. We are especially excited that our recruitment outreach into underserved areas of the state and country seems to be paying off.”

The deadline for early application was set up for November 1, while the regular-decision deadline to apply has been set for January 1, 2019.

“We look forward to reading all of the applications over the next couple months,” Roberts added.

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