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Washington University in St. Louis Announces Steps to Improve Title IX Process


Showing concern for sexual assault and misconduct on campuses, Washington University in St. Louis has announced steps to improve its response to such cases.

The university has decided to reduce timelines in Title IX process, increasing sensitivity and enhancing resources for survivor support and mental health services. It will also add Title IX investigative staff and arrange training and provide a peer consultation for students going through the Title IX process.

The university announced the steps after a working group submitted its findings and recommendations on areas for improvement.

“It is deeply troubling that any of our students would experience incidents of sexual assault and misconduct,” the working group wrote.

“These are difficult topics, but we must acknowledge that they are a reality on college campuses, including ours, and work very hard to address them. We have heard you, we are still listening, and we are in this, together, for the long haul.”

Last spring, students shared their personal stories and asked the university to make Title IX process smoother.

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