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U. Washington Receives $3.6 Million Gift to Fund 30 Scholarships


After receiving a $3.6 million gift, approximately 30 underrepresented undergraduate students at the University of Washington will soon receive full scholarships to cover the cost of college.

According to the university, the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMA&D) received the gift commitment, which will be awarded over the next 12 years, to establish the Armon Dadgar and Joshua Kalla Term Scholarship for Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). The EOP promotes academic success and graduation for underrepresented minority, economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students.

The donation was made by Armon Dadgar, 28, who is the co-founder and CTO at San Francisco-based HashiCorp, and his partner Joshua Kalla, 27, who is an assistant professor of political science and statistics and data science at Yale University.

“The scholarships will really help us fill a growing, unmet need for our EOP students whose family financial contribution sits just above that low-income threshold,” Rickey Hall, UW’s vice president for minority affairs and diversity, said.

“Because of their financial hurdles, these students often must take out loans and spend their time working to make ends meet, rather than being able to take advantage of their full Husky Experience.”

Three cohorts of approximately 10 students, both in-state and out-of-state, will receive the scholarship based on their financial need. The scholarship will cover room, board, tuition, and related expenses until each student graduates.

The gift commitment comes at the same time as the university’s “Be Boundless – For Washington, For the World” campaign, the most ambitious philanthropic campaign in its history which has established more than 700 new scholarships so far.

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