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Wayne State University Receives $5 Million for Engineering College


Wayne State University has received a $5 million gift to fund the expansion of its College of Engineering and create an endowed scholarship fund for students.

A major part of the donation that came from philanthropist Avinash Rachmale and Hema Rachmale will be used to build structures and materials engineering testing laboratory, where the behavior of key infrastructure projects, like roads, bridges, and buildings, will be studied and verified.

“The first employees I hired were Wayne State engineering students,” Avinash Rachmale said. “And I have roots at Wayne State and Detroit that go back more than 30 years. I owe so much to this city and university; it is my honor to give back to College of Engineering students, especially those who want to make a difference in Detroit.”

Out of $5 million, around $1 million will go towards Rachmale Detroit Engineering Scholars Program, which provides scholarships to Detroit Public Schools Community District high-performing students to study engineering the Wayne State.

“We are incredibly grateful to Avinash and Hema for their continued support of Wayne State University,” President M. Roy Wilson said.

“Their gifts will enhance the study of civil engineering at Wayne State for generations to come, helping us recruit top talent and forge new relationships with government agencies as well as private companies,” Wilson added.

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