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Western Governors University Signs Agreement for Accessible Higher Ed

Western Governors University Texas (WGU) has signed an agreement with Alvin Community College to “maximize the transferability of coursework and credits” between the two schools.

On Thursday, Alvin Community College President Dr. Christal M. Albrecht announced the signing of the new agreement which aims to make completing bachelor’s and master’s degrees easier for students, employees, and graduates.

“We are excited about the benefits this partnership brings to our students, faculty, staff, and graduates who want to further their education,” Albrecht said. “This partnership strengthens our community and we are grateful for the continued support and collaboration between both institutions.”

WGU Texas currently offers more than 60 accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in information technology, business, health professions, and teaching. Students transferring from Alvin Community College will be eligible for exclusive partner scholarships, valued at up to $2,000, and a 5 percent discount on tuition.

“WGU Texas is thrilled to expand its presence in Brazoria County by providing more ACC students a seamless pathway to completing their bachelor’s degree and preparing them to enter some of the state’s most in-demand careers,” Dr. Steven Johnson, chancellor of WGU Texas, said.

“Our goal for this partnership is a smooth transition into our programs and that all students will receive one-on-one guidance and support throughout their educational journey.”

Earlier this year, WGU started a $50,000 scholarship program for students considering obtaining a college degree in 2019. Last year in November, the university also devoted $750,000 in scholarships for veterans, active-duty military, reservists and military family members to honor their service to the nation.

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