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Robot to Deliver Food at University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has rolled out a robot food delivery service to cater to 66,000 students, faculty and staff on its campus.

The University Housing Dining & Culinary Services procured a fleet of 30 Starship Technologies robots that can autonomously deliver food directly to any location.

Through the Starship Deliveries app, students can have their orders delivered anywhere on campus for $1.99.

“Our students are juggling more than they ever have before and we are always looking for inventive ways to support their campus dining needs,” Peter Testory, Director of University Housing Dining & Culinary Services said.

This delivery service allows us to reach them in a whole new way with made-from-scratch meals we offer from our dining markets. This added convenience and flexibility of dining for students allows us to provide an affordable option for those on campus.”

After placing an order on the app, a robot, which is capable of carrying up to 20 pounds autonomously, begins making its journey to the customer. Customers can also track the robots via an interactive map.

Recently, the Starship company announced completing 100,000 commercial deliveries. In January, George Mason University also launched a robot food delivery service in collaboration with Sodexo, Inc. and Starship Technologies on its campus.

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