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Women’c College Coalition Meets to Discuss New Learning Models


Member colleges of Women’s College Coalition (WCC) met last month to deliberate on having new learning models in place for women of all ages.

Officials from 27 colleges and universities gathered for the “Expanding the Reach of Women’s Colleges” meeting on September 16-18 at the Bay Path University, which co-sponsored the event with The American Women’s College.

The American Women’s College, which offers online bachelor’s degree programs for adult women, presented its Social Online Universal Learning (SOUL) model. In 2014, it received a major grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

“The American Women’s College has built an exciting model for enabling more women to graduate from college, in an age where a college degree is increasingly a prerequisite for wellbeing and social mobility,”  Sharon Davies, Provost of Spelman College said.

“It is an honor to think with other women’s colleges across the country about ways to expand access to the academic experiences and credentials that improve women’s lives.”

Bay Path University President Carol Leary, who led the meeting, emphasized the importance of providing accessible, affordable and quality education to women.

“As women’s colleges, we are meeting at an important time in our country,” Leary said. “Women throughout our nation, and the world, are and will be critical players in developing strong communities and contributing to economic growth and vitality.   Our goal was to explore innovative and impactful collaborations to insure we provide a quality education that is accessible, affordable, and achievable.”

The coalition is planning another meeting to have a concrete action plan in place for collaboration and securing funding for its efforts.

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