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Women Attending Online Colleges Now Have a Sorority


Women attending accredited online colleges and universities can now enjoy the traditional Greek life experience with the introduction of a first-of-its-kind sorority, Sigma Chi Psi.

The sorority has been founded by Dr. Hildra Anna Jeanetta Starks and Stephanie Robinson to enhance the college experience and provide a greater sense of community for women pursuing higher education online.

The two women began the initiative in 2019, however, the pandemic forced them to put the project on hold. They started their first chapter at Strayer University in Baltimore in October 2020.

“For some women, attending online classes can be a very isolating experience. These women who are wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters are also often attending to careers and families while bettering themselves through continuing their education online,’’ co-founder of the sorority, Dr. Starks explained.

The sorority calls its members “The Beautiful Jades of Sigma Chi Psi.” Students living anywhere in the US, even abroad, can be members. Though the focus is on women attending online universities, founders also encourage students enrolled in technical colleges or community colleges to apply. Interested applicants may visit to obtain further details.

Sigma Chi Psi prides itself as an organization devoted to “creating everlasting bonds between members. We encourage intellectual growth and success by offering networking opportunities, skill-building workshops, second language lessons, retreats, and various charitable events,” the sorority’s mission statement reads.

But what about men? In addition to the sorority, founders are working on a fraternity, Gamma Sigma Gamma Fraternity Inc. The brotherhood hopes to “create strong male leaders” through social activities, volunteering, and career progression.

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