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Yale PD Investigating Anti-Semitic Graffiti


The Yale community is “outraged” after anti-Semitic and racist graffiti was found on campus on two occasions.

Investigations began last month after a construction crew on the Kline Biology Tower reported vandalized construction materials. Later, on October 2, CCTV footage showed a group of young adults spray-painting racist language inside the campus building. 

The Yale police department has since started an investigation, ramped up security measures, and installed additional cameras. The police have shared CCTV images with the public and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

“Hate incidents…demand immediate attention, response, and resolution. All hate crimes will be investigated promptly,” the police said in a statement.

School Response

“I thought it was horrible, you know,” Yale student Sameer Andas told FOX61. “I never thought that a place like Yale University would be a home for anti-Semitic statements.”

Another student added how the news had upset him. “I think there’s no space for hate around here. I don’t think it’s representative of the student body,” he said.

President Peter Salovey has asked the police to increase patrols to ensure student safety on campus after the incident. 

“I am deeply saddened that the crew working on the site, members of our police department, and others within our community who have responded to these incidents had to see such vile messages,” Salovey said, adding how Yale has “stood and will continue to stand united against acts of hate.”

Anyone with information about the suspects is encouraged to call 203-432-4400.

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