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University of Michigan Offers Most Affordable Game Design Degree


The University of Michigan Dearborn offers the most affordable bachelor’s in Game Design degree program in the country, according to a new Bachelor’s Degree Center ranking report.

The B.S. in Computer and Information Science offered by the university is the most cost-friendly program in the nation. It also offers its students internship and research opportunities to gain experience in game design or development before completing their degrees.

“The University of Michigan at Dearborn stands out from other universities for affordable degree programs and the opportunities within the school to gain hands-on experience,” the report says.

To identify the most affordable universities, the website looked at the cost of all of the accredited game development degree programs, both online and on-campus in the U.S., and ranked the colleges from lowest tuition to highest.

The Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis B.S. in Media Arts and Science Game Design and Development ranked second for its affordable on-campus program. It allows students to take an idea for a game or simulation and build it into an immersive experience.

Eastern Kentucky University’s B.S. in Computer Science Interactive Media came in third in terms of affordability. The program teaches students the process of designing and developing video games and interactive media.

“Enthusiasm for video games has created a global industry projected to reach $140 billion by 2020,” BDC editors said in a release.

“Students learning programming and designing today will be transforming industries in ways we can’t even predict tomorrow.”

The seven other institutions that offer the most affordable degrees, in order of rank, are State University of New York, Ferris State University, Shawnee State University, Edinboro University, SUNY Polytechnic, Wilmington University and Kennesaw State University.

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