Wednesday, June 12, 2024


These 10 US Colleges Offer Awesome Work-Study Programs

Work-study programs aren't just about easing your financial load — they're backstage passes to real-world experiences, skill-building, and building meaningful connections.

Massachusetts Senate Pushes for Free Community College

Massachusetts Senate President Karen Spilka kicked off the legislative session by proposing free community college for residents.

California Colleges Will Get More Access to Overdose Reversal Drug

A new California law is providing institutions with the life-saving opioid overdose drug naloxone.

Federally Funded Research to Remove Paywalls, White House Says

The White House ordered academic journals to make publicly funded work immediately accessible to the public after publication. 

Biden Cancels up to $20,000 in Student Loans

In keeping with his campaign promise, President Joe Biden announced unprecedented new measures to address student loan debt.

NY Expands Tuition Assistance to Part-Time Students

New York students pursuing part-time programs will now benefit from a new state-sponsored tuition assistance program.

Private UC Berkeley Co-Op Bans White People From Common Areas

To “prevent white violence,” a private housing cooperative at UC, Berkeley prohibits white people from using its common areas.

Biden, Cardona to Decide on Student Loans Before Payment Pause Expires

President Joe Biden will decide on student loans in the “next week or so,” according to the US Education Department.