Saturday, September 25, 2021


Penn Gov. Announces $1M to Combat Campus Sexual Assault

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has committed $1 million to counter sexual harassment in post-secondary institutions across the state.

California to Use $500M of State Budget for College Housing

Lawmakers from California have agreed to allocate $500 million of the state budget to address housing insecurity within higher education.

Georgia Colleges Hit by Pro-Mask Mandate Protests

The lack of mask mandates at Georgia's public universities has led to faculty staging a series of protests, hoping to have COVID-19 safety protocols enforced.

‘Build Back Better’ Offers Free College, Expanded Pell Grants

The Build Back Better Act proposing $761 billion to lower child care and higher education costs has reached the final revisions stage.

Instructors Concerned About Unmasked Students

This cavalier attitude has prompted a growing number of faculty to voice concerns about their students’ indifference toward the pandemic. 

Penn State Creates Carbon Emissions Task Force

Pennsylvania State University has created a task force to set a “more aggressive target” for reducing its carbon footprint.

Colorado Law Gives Native Americans In-State Tuition Rates

Colorado has approved a bill that will help Native American students pursue a more affordable college education in the state's public universities.

‘Naturally Immunized’ Worker Sues MSU Over Vaccine Mandate

A Michigan State University employee, who said she is “naturally immunized” from COVID-19, has filed a legal complaint against the school for including her in the vaccine mandate.