Thursday, January 28, 2021
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UH Maui Installs 3,300 Solar Panels, Becomes ‘Net-Zero’ Campus

The University of Hawai’i Maui College has installed more than 3,300 solar panels on campus, reducing reliance on fossil fuels by an estimated 100 percent.

Montana Legislature Hears Bill on Campus Free Speech

The Montana House Judiciary Committee heard a bill that proposes to ban “free-speech zones” at public universities across the state.

Higher Education Groups Request $97 Billion Extra in COVID-19 Relief

A coalition of associations representing a number of colleges and universities has requested $97 billion more in coronavirus relief aid from Congress for postsecondary education.

Harvard Cancels Class on Controversial Policing Strategy After Petition

Harvard University has canceled a new course that was meant to teach police counterinsurgency tactics after a widespread petition called for its withdrawal.

Columbia University to Divest from Fossil Fuel

Columbia University has announced its plan to divest from publicly-traded oil and gas companies, the latest in an ongoing, multi-year process of examination, dialogue, and a string of protests at the institution.

University of Oregon Profs Probe Students Cheating Through Chegg

Professors at the University of Oregon are pressured to find ways to minimize the chances of students using online learning services such as Chegg to cheat on their exams.

Florida Bill Would Make Undocumented Immigrants Pay Out-of-State Tuition

A new bill introduced in the Florida legislature could repeal a 2014 law that provides waivers granting in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants at the state's public colleges and universities.

UNC Task Force Submits Plan to Curb Racial Inequality

The University of North Carolina System task force presented a comprehensive 65-page report on how to improve racial equality within its campuses.