Monday, June 14, 2021
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Faculty Organization Sanctions National University for Mass Firing

The American Association of University Professors has sanctioned the National University after investigating the mass firing of full-time professors and associate vice presidents.

Penn State Engineers Develop Batteries to Power Flying Cars

A team of researchers at Pennsylvania State University is designing and testing a battery prototype to power electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

University Professors Sign Warning Statement on Threat to US Democracy

Several political science and government professors across the country have signed a statement of concern released by think tank New America on the state of democracy in the US.

Penn State Biologist and Team Receive $4M for Coral Reef Research

A Pennsylvania State University biologist and her team have received a $4 million grant to identify corals that can naturally survive rising ocean temperatures due to climate change.

Robert Mueller to Teach Course on His Trump-Russia Investigation at UVA Law

Former special counsel Robert Mueller will be teaching a course on his investigation of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election at the University of Virginia School of Law this fall.

Rutgers U Chancellors Release, Withdraw Statements on Anti-Semitism

The chancellor and vice chancellor of Rutgers released a statement on anti-Semitism, but withdrew and apologized after complaints from a student group.

University of Miami Terminates Law School Dean, Faces Backlash

The Student Bar Association and Law Faculty were outraged at not being a part of the decision-making process.

Faculty Sues Wesley College Over Delaware State Acquisition

Faculty members have filed a lawsuit against Wesley College, alleging that its impending acquisition by Delaware State University will violate multiple contracts of tenured faculty.