Monday, January 24, 2022


UMichigan to Pay $490M in Sexual Abuse Settlement

The University of Michigan will pay $490 million to settle claims of sexual harassment against a former football team doctor.

UMichigan President Dismissed Over Affair With Employee

The University of Michigan removed President Mark Schlissel for having an alleged affair with another university employee.

Michigan Professor Suspended After Video to Get ‘Juices Flowing’

A Ferris State professor has been suspended after a video of him went viral in which he tells students they are “vectors of disease."

Penn Prof Says US Better off With Fewer Asians, Sparks Outrage

A tenured UPenn professor is under fire for saying that the US will be better off with fewer Asian immigrants.

Noem Presents Bill to Ban Teaching of Critical Race Theory

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has authored new legislation attempting to ban critical race theory from local public schools and universities.

Barnard Prof Who Used N-Word Will Not Be Punished

The Title IX office at Barnard College will not take action against a professor who used the N-word in one of his classes.

Princeton Sued for ‘Trauma’ After Acclaimed Prof Defends Rapist

An ex-Princeton student is suing the university after a campus hearing on her alleged rape caused her to drop out.

Idaho Prof: Bar Women From Engineering, Medicine, Law

A Boise State professor is urging schools to bar women from engineering, medicine, and law because independent women are "quarrelsome.”