Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Harvard Cancels Class on Controversial Policing Strategy After Petition

Harvard University has canceled a new course that was meant to teach police counterinsurgency tactics after a widespread petition called for its withdrawal.

University of Oregon Profs Probe Students Cheating Through Chegg

Professors at the University of Oregon are pressured to find ways to minimize the chances of students using online learning services such as Chegg to cheat on their exams.

Evansville Students, Faculty Protest Plan That Could Leave 40 Profs Jobless

Students, faculty, and alumni staged a demonstration at the University of Evansville to challenge a plan that will effectively cut three departments and leave around 40 professors unemployed.

MIT Professor Arrested for Allegedly Hiding Ties to China

An MIT professor was arrested and charged with wire fraud, failing to file a report on his foreign bank account in China, and for making a false statement on a tax return.

Two MIT Professors Selected for Joe Biden’s Cabinet

President-elect Joe Biden has selected two Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty leaders for top science and technology posts in his administration.

UFlorida Lets Students Report Profs That Won’t Teach In Person

The University of Florida has added a feature to its Gator Safe app that allows students to report professors that are teaching remotely instead of scheduled in-person classes.

University of New Mexico Graduate Employees Push for Right to Unionize

University of New Mexico graduate workers released a petition calling for recognition of their right to unionize after UNM said graduate workers are not employees and do not share a community of interest.

University of Central Florida Fires Professor Who Tweeted About ‘Black Privilege’

The University of Central Florida has fired a professor after his controversial tweet about “black privilege” last year during the Black Lives Matter protests led to widespread calls for his termination.