Tuesday, May 28, 2024


The Right Way to Ask for a Deadline Extension in College

The next time you're stuck with a fast-approaching deadline, communicate with your professor with respect, honesty, and a clear plan and ask for a deadline extension in college. — you've got this! ✊

19 Best Chrome Extensions for College Professors

Listen up, college professors! Use these 19 top Chrome extensions to level up your workflow and spend less time on tedious administrative tasks.

SPU’s Anti-LGBT Employment Policies Under Investigation

Washington state is investigating Seattle Pacific University’s hiring practices, which are allegedly biased against the LGBTQ+ community.

Ferris State Prof in Controversial Video Retires to Avoid Termination

Ferris State University settled a lawsuit with a suspended history professor involved in a controversial video. 

Med Students Leave Induction to Protest Anti-Abortion Speaker

Dozens of medical students from the University of Michigan left their induction ceremony to protest the pro-life keynote speaker.

Racial Equality in US Higher Education Will Take 70 Years: Study

Consulting firm McKinsey & Company has determined that it will take seven decades for racial and ethnic parity at non-profit colleges and universities.

Bowdoin Tackles Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in New Class

Bowdoin will participate in an academic project to develop courses exploring ethical issues raised by artificial intelligence.

Senate Bill Could Hamper Foreign Partnerships in Higher Education

The Association of American Universities fears that an iteration of the US Innovation and Competition Act could discourage foreign gifts and collaboration.