Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Wyoming Senator Apologizes for Transphobic Graduation Speech

Wyoming’s first-ever female senator drew backlash for transphobic comments in her graduation address at her alma mater.

39M Americans Attend College but Leave Without Degree: Study

The number of college students who have left postsecondary education without a degree has climbed to 39 million.

Noose Found in Stanford University Jumpstarts Hate Crime Probe

A noose was found hanging outside an undergraduate residence hall at Stanford, prompting a hate crime investigation.

Ed. Dept. Investigating Sexual Assault Allegations at Liberty

The Department of Education is investigating a barrage of sexual assault complaints at Liberty University.

A Third of College Students Think of Withdrawing: Study

Research found that a third of college students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program last fall considered stopping their studies for a semester or more.

University in Massachusetts Allows Tuition Payments Using Cryptocurrency

Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts has announced that students can now pay for tuition using cryptocurrency.

Harvard Promises $100M in Funding to Atone for Role in Slavery

Harvard University pledges a $100 million endowment dedicated to racial equality measures as reparations for its role in slavery.

Florida Bill Weakens Tenure for State Faculty

A new bill signed by Florida governor Ron DeSantis will make it difficult for the state's tenured faculty to enjoy lifetime job security.