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The College Post is looking for original articles on issues that are at the top of the higher education news. We are not interested in essays that are descriptive or repeat the obvious. Essays should center on a strong argument with a compelling narrative. Authors, especially academics, should not use jargon unfamiliar to a wider public. Book reviews are welcome. Overtly partisan articles will not be considered.

The op-eds should be between 600 and 1,000 words. Please write a brief summary of the article, your full name, Twitter handle (if any), standard head-and-shoulder (hi-res, if possible) photograph, phone number and your current title in the submission email. Don’t send your op-ed as an attachment. Paste it into the email. Submit to

All submissions must be exclusive to The College Post and unpublished. We will respond only to authors whose essays were chosen for publication. If editors don’t respond in 5 days, it is safe to assume that we won’t consider your essay for publication. Authors can also pitch their ideas beforehand.

The College Post reserves the right to edit submissions for length, clarity, style, and grammar. Authors will be consulted if editors deem other changes necessary. We do not guarantee publishing solicited or unsolicited op-eds until we see the final draft.

Authors are encouraged to target their niche audience related to their expertise, but the articles should also be engaging for the general reader. Even if you’re writing about “endangered species in a remote lake,” make it relevant to the general public and convince them why your case is important.

Don’t inundate articles with data and information. Use information sparingly, and don’t hesitate to decorate your essays with interesting, riveting stories that capture readers’ attention to the point you’re making.

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